I am in my 15th year hosting X-Squared Radio. In that time I have seen thousands of new podcasts come yelling and screaming down the street. Within a few weeks, they run out of things to say and blow away like dried leaves. I have seen the propagandists with audiences full of millions of bots, repeating what they say, creating a menagerie of viral sycophants. I have seen the Non-Player Characters swinging their cudgels at Americans wearing red hats. My greatest worry is that they might stumble into a voting booth someday.

In here, results are always positive. It is a mathematical truism. The truth is pure and unchangeable. The Socialists still seek to reap the humans willing to surrender their souls for a bowl of pottage. They control the fake stream media moguls, education, legislators, movie studios, and courtrooms. But a lie told a million times is still a lie.

America is the first and only bastion of freedom and liberty in world history. We are finally removing the knife from our wounded heart. When it is out, and the bleeding has stopped, we will heal. And we will never in a thousand years allow Socialism to rear its head in our country again.

Keep listening. I promise i will never stop revealing evil as long as it exists. Many are called, but few choose. Choose well, my friends.

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