The Ark of Millions of Years Vol One Audio

The Greatest Publication on the Origin and Destiny of Earth

The Ark of Millions of Years four volume set begins here.  This is the most comprehensive publication ever done on the advent of 2012.  44 ancient cultures are studied in depth with their symbolism and perceptions of mankind’s relationship with the Earth.

The planet Earth is Noah’s Ark of Millions of Years.

Chapter Title  
01 The Beginning

Not in Audio 

02 The Dimensions Download
03 The Heavens Download
04 The Eternal Heavens Download
05 The Gates of Heaven Download
06 The Throne of God Download
07 The Dual Creations Download
08 The Spiritual Creation Download
09 The Temporal Creation Download
10 The Interaction of Universes Download
11 The Garden of Eden Download
12 The Cataclysm Download
13 The Arrival of Noah Download
14 The Union of the Polarity Download
15 The Books (Part One)
 15  The Books (Part Two)
16 The Giants (Part One) Download
 16  The Giants (Part Two)
17 The Lost Civilization of Mu Download
18 The Lost Civilization of Atlantis Download
19 The Brave New World (Pt 1)
 19  The Brave New World (Pt 2)
20 The Future World Download
21 The End Download
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