You know that I have been writing the Bearth Series scripts since late last year. At the same time, I have filmed and produced the Bearth Pitch Film. Next month, the Bearth Series scripts will be read by the Carolina Film Community screenwriter’s guild with cold actors.

That’s the real test of the content. No director. No camera. Just the script and the actors reading with a third-party narrator. I promise you that we will come out a winner.

Your wonderful support for the Bearth Trilogy has been phenomenal. For a self-published author to have 7 best-sellers and a major TV Series from the Bearth Trilogy is more than anyone could ever hope for. But it is all because of you. Your great love for my work has made this possible, and I could not be more grateful.

I can tell you that the tears shed while the words flowed from my characters onto those pages to tell that story were worth it. I could feel it as the books were being written. I just want to say thank you. Please don’t lose your vision of the future. We can change the world.

Peace and joy…

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