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         Remembering the Future

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What if you could unlock the reason humans are the only beings on Earth who can perceive time?  How would you like to know how to use your own conscious energy to make the optimum life for yourself?  The tools for revealing the secret of life are provided to you in this journey into the physics of the soul.  Learn how to properly dream.  You always wanted to know how to deliver the bounty of the universe into your hands.  This book may have been the downward causation that started the Mandela Effect.   Click the cover for the paperback version.  Also available in full audio.

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Alienated Nation

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This #1 Amazon best-seller started a political movement for an Article V Convention of the States as a solution to saving the Republic from the Deep State.  You will learn the history and the necessity of the Article V Convention and why it may be the only way to save Liberty and Freedom from the globalist elites who seek their demise.  There are now more than 2 million followers and delegates in all 50 States for the first time in history, thanks to this book.  Click the cover for the paperback version.

Alienated Nation was #1 within a week of its release in 2007.

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The Bearth Trilogy

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Thousands of people call this best-selling trilogy The Bearth Journey.  Based on actual events, the reader is quickly drawn into an action-adventure worthy of the big screen.  You will learn more about the purpose of life, and the true nature of death and the soul that you every imagined.  You will laugh, cry, and fall in love a dozen times in this wonderful trilogy about the struggle between the two origins of mankind. Yes, it’s a Rapture, but it is nothing like you ever imagined. Come on. Take the journey. Click the cover for the paperback version.  The full audio is a FREE BONUS with the purchase of any format of the Trilogy.

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Charm of Favor

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The Amazon #2 best-selling thriller that swept the nation within two weeks of its release.  The world’s wealthiest and most powerful crime syndicate has been drawn out into the open to fight.  The Deep State was exposed by the author in 2011.  Now  you will see the evil that forms the “other government” inside America. For 5 thousand years, the world was ruled by one man with wooden ships.  That changed with the Declaration of Independence.  This globalist syndicate has been seeking the destruction of America ever since.  Hang on to the very end, because you will see this book unfolding around you with each turn of the page.  Perhaps even Clancy would shy away from this one.


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 The Ark of Millions of Years Series

A 2,000-page non-fiction work that is truly a landmark publication on the creation and destiny of Earth.  44 major civilizations all wrote about it, built cities about it, and tried to leave a reminder for themselves in the future.  Get ready to be awakened to who you really are.  Click the cover for the paperback version.


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Volume Three and Four are not available in audio at this time

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  1. I’m in the midst of reading ‘Charm of Favor’ and it is as well-written as any Clancy novel. Thank you for the truth amidst the pages!

  2. Hello Brooks I was wondering if you have the audio book available for ‘The Arch of Millions of Years’ series?

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