World Class Presenter

Brooks Agnew is always rated #1 at every live venue.  When a professional scientist and engineer can excite a thousand people in a live event, the world changes.  Don’t miss your chance.

Peace, Joy, and Love

  • Calm:  Brooks Agnew is one of the most recognized radio voices in the world in this $1 billion industry. Break the cycle of failure in your life. Master your sovereignty no matter how chaotic your environment.
  • Meditation and Awareness:  Brooks Agnew is a master at the Flower of Life Meditation and  offers a workshop with his lecture schedule at your location that will show even the busiest person how to include this world-class meditation style to their lives. Learn how to listen to the universe for your optimum pathway.
  • Access to Bounty:  Brooks Agnew is a scientist and a spiritual master who brings clarity and understanding to this $4 billion industry.  Quite simply, he is one of  the most exciting and qualified  speakers in the world today who can teach people how to tap into the wellness engine within and manifest the universe’s energy into personal success.

As Featured On:

  • History Channel
  • Discovery Channel
  • Science Channel
  • TruTV Channel
  • National Geographic
  • Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
  • Red Ice Radio
  • Paranormal Portal
  • Veritas with Mel Fabrogas
  • Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells
  • Earth Radio
  • Camelot Radio
  • David Webb Show
  • Sean Hannity Show
  • Breitbart Radio
  • Veritas Radio
  • Freedom Slips Radio
  • Revolution Radio
  • Quantum Connection
  • Phoenix Rising Radio
  • Atlantis Magazine
  • Nexus Magazine
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