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Brooks Agnew is consistently voted the #1 lecture in the world today. He will speak anywhere, anytime. No appearance is too small or to large, and he brings his own audience with his own national database of fans.  It is all about getting the word out.

  • Calm:  Brooks Agnew is one of the most recognized radio voices in the world in this $1 billion industry. Break the cycle of failure in your life. Master your sovereignty no matter how chaotic your environment.
  • Meditation and Awareness:  Brooks Agnew is a master at the Flower of Life Meditation and  offers a workshop with his lecture schedule at your location that will show even the busiest person how to include this world-class meditation style to their lives. Learn how to listen to the universe for your optimum pathway.
  • Access to Bounty:  Brooks Agnew is a scientist and a spiritual master who brings clarity and understanding to this $4 billion industry.  Quite simply, he is one of  the most exciting and qualified  speakers in the world today who can teach people how to tap into the wellness engine within and manifest the universe’s energy into personal success.


Hollow Earth Lecture Sold Out

2019 is the Year of Light, so let’s crank it up at live venues such as:

  • Book Clubs
  • Conferences
  • Expos
  • Universities
  • Symposiums
  • Libraries
  • Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.

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All you have to do is ask: BOOKING INQUIRY

10 books in print.  A 7-time Amazon best-selling author with more than 10,000 published articles and papers, Brooks Agnew is one of the most recognized voices in America.  As the host of X-Squared Radio for more than 14 years, he has become one of the top talk radio personalities in the Sunday night time slot.  Millions of people around the world listen free and live, or by subscribing to more than 4,000 hours of audio archives on numerous networks around the world.  They also listen to many hundreds of hours of audio books and lectures that he has published.

Brooks is internationally acclaimed as one of the world’s best public speakers.  You get it all.  You get the best.  You get it now.

He has been featured on:

  • History Channel
  • Discovery Channel
  • Science Channel
  • TruTV Channel
  • National Geographic
  • Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
  • Red Ice Radio
  • Paranormal Portal
  • Veritas with Mel Fabrogas
  • Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells
  • Earth Radio
  • Camelot Radio
  • David Webb Show
  • Sean Hannity Show
  • Breitbart Radio
  • Veritas Radio
  • Freedom Slips Radio
  • Revolution Radio
  • Quantum Connection
  • Phoenix Rising Radio
  • Atlantis Magazine
  • Nexus Magazine

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As a SixSigma Master Analyst, he currently serves Fortune 500 companies to improve efficiency, reduce variation, and recover profits. His statistical pre-analysis of the 2016 Presidential election was the ONLY one to predict 314 electoral votes and prove the demographics perfectly weeks ahead of the election. He has saved or personally created more than 10,000 American jobs. His many patented and patent-pending inventions have revolutionized entire industries.


The Hollow Earth

No one has collected more information or spoken as widely or as long on the subject of Hollow Earth Theory. The science is real and repeatable. Planetary core geophysics is currently making enormous breakthroughs in experimentation to address the hypothesis that planets might form as hollow spheres. The ancient legends are numerous and tell a story that only today are we beginning to appreciate and consider. The lecture is an audio-visual experience that lasts for 90 minutes and will open your mind to the possibilities.

Remembering the Future

The hottest subject in the world is health and mindfulness.  What if you could learn how to carefully and intentionally add your energy to shape the universe on purpose? Humans are the only beings on Earth with the ability to observe time. When we look at a moment in time, it changes. We change. Learn the math, the science, and the skills to upgrade your reality.   With these tools, you can unlock the bounty of the universe for yourself and succeed in ways you never imagined. Remove the limits. Stop your cycle of failure.  Take control of the future. Repair the past.  This lecture is 120 minutes that will provide you everything you need to reach your full potential.  The best-selling book comes with a BONUS AUDIO VERSION.

The Future of Energy

This is a full-blown lecture about the Cis-Lunar, Cis-Mars, and the Asteroid Mining programs. Dozens of private companies are already launching into space. Hundreds of others have submitted through SBIR grant solicitations. Why? Because the race is on. The goals are far-reaching, but the benefits are nearby.

New ways to split water into fuel and oxygen are now within reach without the need for precious metals. Just a couple of days away from Earth is a nearly endless supply of Helium 3. With just a few modifications, nuclear power plants can be converted to utilize this fuel instead of fissile materials that are causing so much trouble with the environment. Zero radiation when Helium 3 is used.

Asteroids are a few months away with conventional technology, but with new ion thrust technology that region is now within weeks from Earth. Ice, precious and rare-Earth metals abound in planetoid-sized chunks that can be mined, refined, and utilized in space for maximum efficiency. Once we remove the energy required to get something free of Earth’s gravitational field, the net profits justify the expansive industries that will be required.

The Space Force will protect the colonies. The colonies will provide millions of jobs. The jobs will provide hundreds of years of peace and prosperity for everyone. Come and see the presentation that will restore your hope in the Human race.

The Bearth Journey

The 1,100 page Trilogy is being made into a 42-episode series that has the power to change the world. Once you learn the origin of all religions, and the principalities that are dividing the human race, you can more easily keep yourself free. This amazing lecture will teach you about the purpose of life and the meaning of death. You will learn about the true story of Earth, the eternality of the soul and the value of each and every moment of mortality. The lecture is a total immersion experience that will change your life. 90 minutes.

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