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The Sleight President

The spirit of American government comes not from the people, but from the president.  The people make up the resonation chamber, and the president is the tone.  When we have a president who wants to make himself rich by selling the great assets of America, the sound is loud and sour.  It can also sound a little like glass breaking as the piggy bank is looted day after day, while blaming someone else for the missing money.

When we have a president who wants to make American great, without really caring how he is compensated, then the will of the people shines through, and the sound may be nothing short of inspirational.  That is, if the people are not focused on voting for themselves a piece of the coffer.

When we have a president who talks America first, but does nothing when it comes to protecting the people or administering justice against its enemies, then the country is ripe for deception.  The criminals take what they want at will, and the president tells the people they are robbing the country, but he does absolutely nothing about it.  Hundreds and maybe thousands of thieves, rapists, murderers, and grifters ride around in limousines, fly in private jets, and speak in public without fear of such a president.  That is exactly where America is today.

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