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Sharing Good News about My Dad and Ivermectin

My 84-year-old father, who lives near Buffalo, New York, has been doing fine all throughout the plandemic. My cousin and I had coached him to steer clear of any C0VID injectables, which he’s done. But then in December my dad’s doctor convinced him to get the annual flu shot. He got so sick at Christmas, with horrible muscle pains and bad flu symptoms, and he sounded so horrible, that my niece who’s a nurse wanted to take him to the hospital. I said, NO WAY is he going to the hospital at Christmas! (I had heard of many old people being left to die in hospitals, especially in states such as New York. Me being paranoid of this, I did not want him to go to the hospital and suffer the same consequences.)

Luckily, I had ordered some Ivermectin a month before and tracking showed that my package was already in the U.S. After I received the Ivermectin two days later I overnighted my dad some of it. On the 4th day of taking the Ivermectin (costs less than a dollar a pill), he got out of bed to watch television. A couple of days later he was walking up and down the stairs. He says his taste buds are the only thing that isn’t back to normal yet. Yesterday, I took a photo of him working on a puzzle at the dining room table. I am happy to be visiting him at the moment, and thrilled that he has his health back!


In case you want to know, I ordered my Ivermectin from the following link:   https://brooksagnew.blog/ivermectin-report/

I ordered an “Ivermectin report,” which got me 100 “samples,” or enough for at least 10 adults. According to the seller, shipping to the U.S. usually takes 4-6 weeks. It took about 5 weeks to receive my package. (Note Jan 24 updated shipping info: Now that Christmas season is over, shipping is only 2 – 3 weeks.)

My cousin who lives in Michigan received his in only 3 weeks. (And he got his in perfect timing for his bout with some kind of lung infection / bronchitis. After taking high doses of Ivermectin, Vitamins C, D3 and zinc, his wife said he was totally healed on the 4th day.) I have read, in forums where people comment, that Ivermectin helps in all stages of illness, though of course the sooner, the better.

According to several sources who are MDs, Ivermectin also helps people detox from “injected thingamajigs” that they might have second thoughts about being exposed to, as well. As part of a good protocol, some “Frontline” doctors advise taking Vitamin C, D3 and zinc, too. Please do your own research so you feel comfortable that you have the best protocol for you.

You might also want to listen to the Saturday, January 8th episode of Mike Bara’s show, where several people share their personal experiences with Ivermectin. Here’s the link to Mike Bara’s website:  https://mikebara.blogspot.com/

Please take good care of yourself and have no fear, no matter what’s happening around you. Trust that God’s got this, and that your connection with God will get you through!

Update for January 17, 2022 in Cheektowaga, NY … My dad working the snowblower.