Due to Operation Corona-Scare, nearly all of my public appearances have been cancelled.  That means I have quite a few books on hand that were meant for sale at various conferences.  I am offering those books here for autographed sale.  When they are gone, they are gone.

These can be shipped only in the USA.  FREE SHIPPING.

I love you all.  Peace and joy.

Bearth: Volume One

The Bearth Journey begins with this white-knuckle ride as the story of the end of the world opens.  The characters are fictional, but the main events are all taken from real world examples and ancient historical predictions.  What does the Rapture really look like?  What happens when a Presidential debate explodes in a live fist fight on global TV?  How can a racecar driver and a TV traffic reporter save the world?  Get ready for the ride of your life.

Bearth: Volume Two

The supernatural evil angel that empowers the Global Syndicate is revealed.  President Riker’s heroes are called back to Washington to save the world again.  Many of the secret weapon systems and bases are revealed in detail as the plot to enslave all humanity split the people apart.  Meanwhile the cataclysmic planetary upheaval is right out of the scriptures.  Hang on, because it is about to get very real.

Bearth: Volume Three

The human race has been divided along with planet Earth itself.  Now, the great gathering begins.  Still, the Nephilim’s forces intend to draw the higher vibrational world into war and hatred in a final attempt to rob God of all His children.  The war is beyond imagination.  The spiritual journey and revelations about life and death are powerful enough to change the entire universe.  They most certainly will change you.  

Remembering the Future Audio Book

Remembering the Future

Remembering the Future is the book that changed the world.  More than 20 million people have heard my story, and many thousands own this book and use it as a guide to improve their lives.  It has all the tools to help you learn the science of manifestation for your won future and making your dreams a reality.  Some people say it is the best book they have ever read.  

USA Delivery Only

The USPS is far too expensive and unreliable to deliver a book outside the USA.  So, this offer is for people living inside the USA only.  Here is the shopping cart, so you can check out and begin your journey with a rare autographed copy.


If you already own my books, here is a solution for you. An original, Autographed signature insert label is free, with just S&H only.  Click the button and get one for each of my books you own.

Asteroid Mining

Asteroid Mining: The Future of Energy is a full color explanation of the latest and greatest private space technology.  The Moon, Mars, and the asteroid belt are explained in detail with pictures and a great reality check.  Sorry, no secret space program.  There are three chapters on the Space Force.  This is going to change everything.

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