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“The present from the future.”

The first 40 years, you did what you had to.

The next 40 years, do what you choose.

The best $47 you can spend on yourself.

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Click the Mentoring button.  You and I will work together, one hour at a time through ONLINE VIDEO CONFERENCING. Biz plans, stats, marketing, technical design, coaching, and teaching.

Pathfinding from the future.

Everyone needs a second chance.  Learn from one of the most highly accomplished master engineers and integrators in world today. He has made billions for the Fortune 500. Don’t pass up this opportunity to learn live from the master in a 100% interactive classroom.

Stop planting seeds. It’s time to harvest. If I can do it, you can do it. It is NOT too late. This is exactly the right time to launch your new empire.


Based on his best-seller “Remembering the Future

Here is what you will receive:

A stunning 90-minute presentation based on the best-selling book Remembering the Future: The physics of the soul and time travel features the science of the human soul and the ability to access and manipulate the past and the future for your best life condition. Turn on the bounty of the universe for yourself by learning the science behind the Law of Attraction.


Yes.  You get a free, signed copy of the book mailed to you (USA only).


  • Learn about the Source of your unique soul address
  • Learn how you are the best scientific instrument on earth
  • Learn Pathfinding from the future for the bounty of the universe
  • Learn how to affect the Universe with your energy
  • Discover your reason for being here
  • Rev up your ability to listen to the effect you have on the universe
  • You can overcome the False Matrix 
  • Why do the Five Forces of the Universe now include consciousness?
  • Learn proper journaling as a method of manifestation
  • Learn how to develop and place your dream code 
  • Erase the past failure codes that prevent you from succeeding
  • Learn the SOURCE of the Golden Mean?

4 1/2 hours of pure energy!


A $297 Value for $47


  • The Real Laws of Attraction will rev up your ability to manifest on purpose
  • 1 autographed copy of Remembering the Future: The physics of the soul and time travel.*
  • 90-minute full media star-power lecture
  • 60 minutes of  the science and power of JournalCraft
  • 100% Refunds possible up to 7 days before the event
  • Many “Never too late,” upgrade features

I will send you a LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCE link before the event, so come as you are.

*non-domestic students will receive the  Remembering the Future  e-book and the audiobook instead of a paperback.


Brooks hit my reset button.

“If I had met Brooks 30 years ago, I would have had a shelf full of journals of business plans as everywhere I looked, I could see an opportunity.  I was an art dealer and I wish I had thought to gift a journal (with Brooks instructions) to many of the artists that I came in contact with as it would acknowledge their lifetime’s story.   That is what the journal is, an acknowledgement of one’s lifetime story and when used causatively, it is a tool to fish for dreams and land them effortlessly.  As youth and middle age appear in the rear view mirror, it is the sum of that lifetime story that one more often views rather than the wide open space of the future. Brooks hit my reset button and I am looking square at the future and have thrown my attention units out there and am reeling them in again as I did when I was younger. 

When you look at the soul through Brooks’ eyes, you see and feel the whole universe and, at once, it all makes sense.
Thank you, Mr. Agnew.  It is a pleasure knowing you.  The simplicity of it all is “Don’t worry, Be happy.”   We are immortal beings so having angst and fear is a very poor choice. “
-Dana Hanson

The future is a potter's wheel

“I never thought the future could be changed. I thought it was written like a play, and we just read the lines until we die. Brooks taught me how to choose a new future. I have never felt more alive. I already have my hands in the clay.”

-M. Radison