Quality Engineering

As a Quality Engineering consultant to the Fortune 500 for more than 25 years, we have added or saved more than 10,000 American jobs.  With over 30 major industrial projects compeleted worth more than $500 million, there is virtually no technology or process we cannot measurably improve.

Chemical Engineering

We are highly skilled in all forms of industrial chemistry.  Polymer, compounding, catalytic, fuel and bio-fuel, coatings, layers, and all forms of anayltical chemistry are among our areas of exterise.

Electrical Engineering

We have designed and patented electric vehicles and assembly lines using every avalable control system.  We have designed and built oil and gas exploration tomography equipment.  

Master Instructor

With more than 10 thousand publshed training documents and many years as a college professor of mathematics, we have turned many thousands of students into highly trained professionals.  On site, virtual, or in class instruction avaialble.

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