“The Present from the Future”

Quality Engineering

As a Certified Quality Engineering consultant to the Fortune 500 for more than 25 years, we have added or saved more than 10,000 American jobs.  With over 30 major industrial projects compeleted worth more than $500 million, there is virtually no technology or process we cannot measurably improve.

Chemical Engineering

As an honor graduate in Chemistry from Tennessee Technological University, I am highly skilled in all forms of industrial chemistry.  The world’s first and only “Dry-Process” biodiesel industrial plant was designed and built to product 6 million gallons a year from Canola seed.

It was successful until the DOE classified biodiesel as an additive, instead of a fuel (for more than 100 years). It is now no longer cost competitive with petroelum based diesel.

Electrical Engineering

I have designed and patented technologies that started entire industries.

  • Electric vehicles
  • EV charging systems
  • Electric automotive air conditioning
  • Electric automotive heat
  • Earth tomography
  • Sub-Space communications
  • Automated assembly and production programs

Master Instructor

With more than 10 thousand published training documents and many years as a college professor of mathematics, I have turned many thousands of students into highly trained professionals.  On site, virtual, or in class instruction available.

Electric Vehicle Design

The CONDOR is the nation’s first on-highway 100% electric pickup truck.  It is designed to carry 1,000 lbs 200 miles on a single charge.   It was designed, built, and patented by Brooks Agnew. The world’s only two working prototypes are in his possession in North Carolina.

CNG/Electric River Container Ship

The Pollution-Free COV (Cargo on Vessel) river ship operates on CNG to run generators that drive 5 electric water-jet propulsion units.  It requires no diesel tug and is pollution-free.  It can carry 60 or more containers from St. Louis to New Orleans in a fraction the time it takes tug-operated barges, and make way fully loaded upriver, under its own power.  One ship will displace up to 10 thousand semi-trucks off the road.  River shipping is far more efficient than trucking.  Loading and unloading the COV is so fast and effective that pushed barges simply cannot compete with the design.

Low-Orbit Sentinel

The LOS is a ultra-high-altitude LTA that can stay over a target, in geo-synchronous position, for extended periods of time.  It can provide constant infrared, x-ray, and visible as well as radio surveillance.  It can also carry kinetic and laser weaponry to deliver extremely precise and accurate attrition of ground or water-borne targets.  It is designed as a peacekeeping system.  It can protect itself from any attack from the ground, and floats far too high to be threatened by traditional air attack.

Global Telescope Network

Thousands of amateur astonomers are combined through the GTN to form a surveillance fence between Earth and the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt. This will provide long-range, early warning of an approaching object that may threaten the planet.  It is designed to create a dynamic database capable of detecting moving objects in space.