I designed the world’s first industrial scale dry-process biodiesel manufacturing facility.  Capable of producing up to 10 million gallons a year, this facility converts canola oil into high-grade biodiesel.  The economized heating system lowers the cost of production per gallon to the lowest in the world.  This is a zero emission facility built in Odessa, WA under the Energy Freedom Fund in 2008.

UPDATE:  The EPA changed the methanol spec to force biodiesel costs above petroleum costs.  They also ruled that biodiesel is an additive, rather than a fuel.  This made it prohibitively expensive for fueling stations to offer biodiesel at the pump.

Join us in the struggle to establish fuel security by reversing the EPA’s onerous rules.

This industrial plant is capable of producing 6 million gallons a year.  Cost to build $3,000,000.

A Farm-Scale unit will keep diesel equipment running for decades without buying petroleum diesel.  Cost to build $350,000.


I designed the first Algae-to-biofuel facility capable of producing up to 40 million pounds of fatty acid, and the cellulosic feedstock for producing local ethanol for the purpose of producing high-grade biodiesel from sunlight and sequestered Carbon Dioxide.  This facility is a continuous flow system that solves the issue of bacterial infection of algal cultures.  Those familiar with the art will know the value in this tremendous breakthrough.

The image shows an uncovered design, but my improved design is covered, which preserves the water and prevents evaporation losses, bacterial infections, and environmental risks from flooding.

My design was submitted to the DOE in 2008, but I withdrew it because of unethical behavior by the government’s team.  My design requires fairly flat land to build the ponds.  I have low-cost methods for creating perfectly level ponds at the right uniform depth.

Clean-burning diesel fuel from the Sun.  No waste.  292% return on energy investment.

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