I’m Brooks Agnew

Master engineer, 7-time Amazon best-selling author, Host of America Free Radio, world-renowned public speaker, and mentor.
“Delivering the present from the future.”

Everything we do will eventually affect the universe. Do it on purpose.

“The word is the key to the natural high. It emits pictures from those who cannot paint; music from those who cannot play.  With it, the power of the mind is infinite.” – Agnew 1973

Host of America Free Radio

Award winning live podcast in our 20th year.

Tuning in will treat, cure, and prevent the disease of ignorance.


Agnew Scientific

45 years of working and consulting with the Fortune 500, saving or creating more than 10 thousand American jobs.  Published more than 10 thousand technical documents.  Chemical, mechanical, electrical, and quality engineering master.

Agnew Bookstore

12 book titles in print.  7 Amazon best sellers.  Screenwriter.  Written and published more than 20 thousand pages of articles, scripts, and copy.

Agnew Media

18 years as host of X-Squared Radio.  25 years of television and film documentaries and appearances.  IMDb ranking.  Featured on hundreds of radio and TV programs around the world.

Agnew Manifestation Masterclass

Your first 40 years, you did what you had to. Now, it’s time to do what you dream. Let America’s top engineering consultant help deliver a new present for you from the future.
This Manifestation Masterclass is the best $47 you will ever spend on yourself.

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