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Learn from one of the most accomplished 6-Sigma Masters in the world. Isn’t it time to put the coach for the Fortune 500 on your team?

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The present is much more easily negotiated when viewed from the future.”  b. agnew

You need a pathfinder.  Once you are on that path, there is nothing that can stop you from being what you want to be.

90 minute world class presentation on Remembering the future

Journaling module for success.

How to repair past failure cycles

How to create and position future codes

Goal Setting

Are you over 40 with no wealth to manage?  Want a second chance at success?

Global Telescope Network

Are you an amateur astronomer with a telescope?  If you qualify, you can join the world’s first networked telescope database and get paid to watch the sky.

Stress Management

Stress is the body-killer.  Learn how to relieve it and start each day without it.

Career Advice

Always remember, you are self-employed. Learn your value and what to do with it.

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

While you’re sitting there on that park bench, you are not moving down the path.  Some of you have forgotten your path.  Some of you never found it.  I can help you find it, from the future.  Interested?  I am ready to help you.

Humans are the only beings who can perceive time

The future changes, because you looked at it. Learn how to do it on purpose. Your energy is integral to balance the equation of the universe. Without you, the whole thing would collapse.

The Golden Mean proves that Consciousness is a universe force

The Fibonacci Sequence applies to all values, no matter what form they take. It means your energy can work to resonate any future you can clearly envision. Learn how..

Act upon the universe

You are either acted upon by the universe, or you act upon it. Either way, you are 100% responsible for your own life condition. Let’s find out how to own it, together.

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“The present is much more easily negotiated when viewed from the future”

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

It is never too late to begin enjoying mortal life. I didn’t write my first book until I was 52 years old.  Now, I have 11 books in print with 7 best sellers.  If I can do it, so can you.  I can show you how.

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