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Your NAD+ supply declines with age as well as in response to stressors on your body including alcohol consumption, intense exercise, and lack of sleep. However, in 2004, Dr. Charles Brenner discovered a naturally-occurring vitamin in milk called nicotinamide riboside. This micronutrient increases NAD+ levels by 40-50%.

NewEarth Regenesis

$150.00  (one vial lasts 8-10 weeks)

A phospholipid, flavonoid, and cannabinoid drive a bioavailable Immune Supportive powerhouse to key cell receptors and body systems. The addition of Bioavailable Policosanol works with our Cannabinoid encapsulated delivery system for Full Spectrum Immune Support.

The four system pillars of aging comprised of Immune, Metabolic, Liver, and Kidney; are activated with the power of microdosing.  Five drops under the tongue gets huge results.

Cellular Micronutrients work with the body’s Endocannabinoid system to help deliver total body transformation. We know wellness starts at the cellular level and were the first to develop an efficient delivery system to address nutrition, electroconductivity, and systemic oxidative stress. Patent Pending as a Composition For Improving Health formulation; this all – in- one demonstrates the powerful synergy between plants and Homo sapiens.


The Lifestream generator produces a high-voltage, low-current electromagnetic field that envelopes the entire body.  This field reaches areas of the brain surgeons cannot safely access.  Many hundreds of thousands of people over the past 16 years have experienced this RADIANT energy.  They report less pain, more brain clarity, better vision, and most importantly a feeling of euphoria that helps lower stress.  Parkinson’s patients have reported significant reduction in tremors.


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Centropix Healing Technology [CLICK HERE]


Life energy robbers pull the energy out of your body. You encounter them in all kinds of life situations.

  • Work Environment
  • Lack of Movement
  • Electrosmog
  • Psychosocial Stress
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Mental Stress
  • Environmental Stress
  • Unhealthy Diet
  • And many more…

These stressors drain the life energy needed for your body’s self-regulating mechanisms. The human body is a fantastic and complex system that was designed by nature to be able to preserve itself to a large extent. However, an unhealthy diet, stress, electrosmog, basically all these well-known life energy robbers, can disrupt these processes.

The possible consequences? Your zest for life decreases and your well-being is fundamentally impaired. You feel unbalanced, unhappy, and exhausted.

Shield yourself inside your own safe field.  Allow yourself to heal with the most advanced technology on Earth.


EMP Shield

We have spoken about the likelihood of an EMP event, solar event, or lightning strike that could ened your electronic life.  This is the best, fastest, military-grade device that can harden your house and vehicle.  Use the Discount Purchase (right) to get an additional $50 off your order.

I have switched my diet to contain meat as my primary source of protein.  MOINK was built during the global lockdown, because the family farms were being destroyed by Virtual Joe and his gang of criminals.  This meat is organic, without mRNA vaccines, and shipped direct to your door.

Stay healthy.  Save hundreds of dollars by cutting big Ag out of the purchase.  Save the family farms.

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