One-hour live mentoring with Brooks Agnew

Purchase a session with me by clicking the payment button below.  I will quickly contact you with some schedule choices that work best for you.  I will send you a video conference link, and then we will begin.  You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t already comfortable with me.  I promise to listen and focus my advice on what will work best to help you achieve that future you’re trying to design.  Sometimes, remembeirng who you are is all that it takes, but I have made a career out of solving problems and launching dreams.  Sign up below.  Life is short.  Let’s get started.

The Beginning

In the first session, we will identify your dream and begin building the future code.  I am a great listener and teacher.  We will figure out the things you need to achieve a breakthrough.  I am not your critic.  I will step into the circle with you, and work with you.  If you are ready to grow some wings and go past the horizon, then we will continue.  I promise I can add value toward your success.   No obligation.  No recurring payments.  Simple as that.

Gap Study

After nearly 40 years of working with the Fortune 500, I discovered that everyone lacks certain skills or tools to be able to accomplish their goals.  I mastered most of those skills, and that’s why they pay me well to solve their problems.  I will identify those skills and tools you need.  Then, we will go get them for you.  Get ready to learn some new things.  You’re in the right class.  I personally guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

Craft your Future

Your first 40 years, you did what you had to do.  I get it.  Now, it is time to do what you truly desire.  This is a path, not a destination.  You’re not ready to die, you want to finally live.  We can get together as often as you wish, but remember that I am not going to carry you.  I am going to teach you to fly.  The tools I will provide you have been honed to perfection for the most successful corporations in the world.  They will soon be yours.