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My live events are rated #1 at every venue. They are life changing. You will never forget what you learn here. You owe it to yourself to come to one of these world class conferences and check out “Remembering the Future: The physics of the soul and time travel.” 

Due to Operation Corona-Scare, most of the Year 2020 has been robbed from human existence by the Global Syndicate.  I am the VOICE of the revolution against The Global Syndicate.  

Following me on all social media will treat, prevent, and cure the disease of ignorance.



Mount Shasta Live Event

See my award-winning 90-minute live presentation on “Remembering the Future: The physics of the soul and time travel.”

Make sure to click the Discount Ticket button, to get my special price.  SEE YOU THERE!!

Free Tickets

Would you like free tickets to the Shasta conference? We have several options available for you to receive free tickets.

Offer #1

Speaker Pick Up

You will Pick up speaker or speakers at either Sacramento Airport or San Francisco Airport on Thursday the 25th of July. You will also drive them back to airport on either Sunday the 30th or Monday the 1st of September.

Requirements are: A nice newer model Car or SUV with room for luggage. Insurance and a valid license are required. We expect the car to be clean and for you to be on time for pick up. You will also cover the gas expenses.

Offer #2

Experienced Spanish to English Translator


Offer #3

Sound and Video

Professional sound person. We also will look for a video recording specialist. If you would like video and audio record the program please contact me. We may use multiple video and sound people as this is along conference. A team is invited to discuss possibilities. There may be payment involved for filming this event . We do have a decent built in sound system but we need wireless microphones. If you are willing and capable to be in charge of all sound recordings and sound tech, please contact me.

General Volunteers

Full at this time.

Victory To The Light

Rob Potter 530-925-3502 Rob@ThePromiseRevealed@gmail.com

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