Philosophy of Brooks Agnew

It’s an amazing time to be a mortal being on this planet. Each of you earned the ability to be here.  Mortal life is the envy of angels.  You have the opportunity to write moments into the Akashic records that never existed before.  In ancient times we built sturdy edifices and established records so that when we reached this point in time, with billions of us alive at the same time from all over the cosmos, we would be prompted to remember who we are. You already know this. We built those things. We made sure they would last through wars and planetary cataclysms for this day at this time. The questions they raise for us are precisely why they were built.

There is so much presence now, and you are resonating at a unique and powerful frequency that only you can generate.  You have a unique soul address in the whole of Source in the universe.  At times it seems like the entire spectrum is full, but that would be a chaotic, self-destructive noise of a place. In other words, physically, it would not be self-sustainable. Without avoiding the laws of entropy, there are plenty examples of constructive interference along a Golden Proportion (Phi) whereby nodes of order are irrefutable. Relax. I will explain.

I want to share with you my philosophy on the Modes of existence for human souls in a mortal condition.  There is a good to each of these “Worlds of Existence.”  That is to say, there is a purpose and a focused theme for each of them.  They are mutually exclusive, and souls that do not spend time in all of these worlds become savantish and autistic in their incompatibility with other souls. If you do nothing, you receive nothing back, and thus, are headed for the bottom of the Hamiltonian of the universe.  It is impossible for a soul to be at rest in the Universe; therefore, you must always be about doing something.  These Worlds of Existence are all about the doing.

The Five Worlds of Existence

Mortal life is the culmination of eons of dreaming and hoping and, if it were possible to sense it, waiting.  Physical bodies are not simply manifested from dirt; well not anymore.  A process for procreation was carefully programmed into molecules that are meticulously arranged in massive proteins.  These proteins can unfold, replicate themselves, and then fold back into their functional morphologies.  These macromolecules are arranged in seemingly endless permutations to form gene pairs.  Each gene pair has a choice of proteins they can produce through the same unfoldment process.  Those choices are made by utilizing mostly environmental process variables such as temperature, salinity, toxicity, ultraviolet radiation, and even the energy output by the soul symbiotically linked to that physical body.  In fact, that environment is also additive.  That is to say, the consciousness of those souls surrounding the gene pair can also influence the proteins that are created.  And, make no mistake, this creation process is taking place through the mortal life, which makes you the co-creator of your own body.

The spirit inside the body is designed to be self-aware, but its ability to sense and interpret the universe is truncated by the physical body to which it is attached.  That does not mean there aren’t those humans who operate by using someone else’s program.  Mortals often abdicate their own consciousness for that of someone else.  One does not need to look very far to find mortals who are not conscious that they are conscious. They are known as Non-Player Characters. (NPCs)

This is a process that begins as conception and progresses back and forth, sort of like a visitor while the house is under construction, until birth; at which time the transition from the spirit world to the physical three-dimensional world is complete.  Still, the age at which a being becomes self aware–a process I call stepping in–can vary widely.  It is at this age that the Five Worlds of Existence begin.

All mortal sentient beings with souls live in one of these worlds of existence.  In terms of philosophy, each world has a ‘good’ to it.  The good is the reward or the value of that world. Moment by moment, mortals can move between worlds of existence. In fact, as eluded to already, the longer you exist in mortal form, the more critical to your growth and maturity becomes the requirement to invest in all worlds, until you become the master integration, like God Himself. After all, what manner of children would God have if not given the potential to become like Him?

World Number One

The good of this world is physical work.  There is something amazing about this world in its simplicity. It requires little or no mental exertion, and yet the soul receives peace and a profound sense of satisfaction from it. It can even be said that a spirit can fall into a state of disrepair or unexplained weakness or fatigue without it. The harder and longer the body is worked, the better the soul seems to feel.

Digging a ditch, or hand-cultivating a garden is remarkably rewarding. I took a course on service where we were not allowed to speak for 24 hours. We worked in teams of 20 men to clear a path through the woods. We cut small trees, scrub brush and cleared rocks out of the path. It was done with hand tools, shovels, pick axes, and rakes. It was Spring, and the green leaves had not yet come out. Briars, sticks, leaves, pine needles, and gravel had to be put in its place. We used wheel barrows and cut landscaping timbers to make steps in the trail where it was steep to help people go up and down safely.

We used hand signals and facial expressions, but no human voice was heard for 24 hours. We ate granola energy bars and drank water together during breaks. It was terrifically hard work for someone who worked in an office all day. I knew I would be sore, but when we had to sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground with no tent, under the stars and work the next day as well until 5 PM without saying a word, there was a mighty change of heart that overcame each one of us.

I was brought to tears when I was finally allowed to speak during the reflection period of our ordeal. I felt humbled and clean, somehow. There was no corruption in my soul. I had sweated gallons, and worked several hundred horsepower through my muscles over the past two days. I learned something powerful; beyond words. I learned about the power and the good of World Number one. 

Some years later, my two young boys and I were harvesting some potatoes from a couple of rows we had planted at my father-in-law’s farm. It was good soil, and the two rows made far more than we could ever eat in a year, but we put our hands in the loose dirt and used hand shovels to uncover and harvest those potatoes. The boys were aged four and seven, so their attention could wander from time to time, but once they got into it, they began filling the wheelbarrow with potatoes.

We got about three-quarters of the way down the first row, and my father-in-law walked up to see how we were doing. He took his shovel and dug into the hill where we had already worked and found a few more potatoes in the soil. “These boys are missing a whole bunch of potatoes back here,” he said chastising us for not doing a good job. I paused for a moment, not wanting to be disrespectful, but also not wanting to make the boys go back over what they had already happily harvested.

“That’s okay,” I said.  “I’m not raising potatoes.  I’m raising boys.”

My father-in-law didn’t say much after that, although I don’t think he grasped what I meant.  The point is that the boys felt great, they learned a valuable lesson about hard work, and we had plenty of potatoes for the year.  By the way, my boys still raise gardens and still remember that day of harvesting those potatoes.

That is the good of World Number One. I have found that the best way to clear a funk out of my life is not to sit around and stare out the window, but to go do some hard work.  Pound in a fence post.  Trim the hedges.  Wash the car and vacuum it to perfection.  By the way, to this day I try to do it without speaking.

World Number Two

The good of this world is learning.   I don’t mean to merely read.  I mean to study on a thing.  Any subject.  Once that knowledge is acquired, then the task of assimilating that knowledge into other subjects that have been studied before begins.  Music is woven into architecture.  Math is colored with acrylic paints or clay.  It is like turning a thing over in the hands, looking at it from all sides.  Exploration, discovery and problem solving are amazingly satisfying when the solution is found.

I have made the bulk of my living solving problems for companies.   I can see into their processes and machines and systems to the root of a problem better than anyone I know, just because I have mastered this world.  There are some changes that come about in this world that are profound and perhaps responsible for the improvement of the human race.  If you think about it, the human race was walking or riding behind an ox until about 140 years ago.  For thousands of years, the world was ruled by one or two men using wooden ships and steel blades.  All of a sudden, things changed.

Why is that?  Because of world number two.  Thousands of attempts had been made to achieve flight over thousands of years.  Many men had been injured or killed, as they envisioned themselves climbing to the Sun on wings of some kind or other.  Then, in 1906, the Wright brothers made the world’s first coordinated turn in flight.  Word of a plane that could fly for 45 minutes reached France to an airfield full of men who would not believe it.

So, the Wright’s packed up their plane, sailed to France, and flew over their heads for nearly an hour.  Around and around, banking left and right and then landing again on the grass field in front of them, the Wrights changed the world forever.  All people had to do was see it done; one time.  Once they saw that the slight warping of the wing surfaces to bank the plane in a slight rolling action while the rudder was turned as well, would prevent the plane from going into an uncontrollable flat spin and crashing.  Five years later, World War One started, and men were bombed from the air.  Now, we have computers help the pilots make minute changes to wing surfaces to fly invisible planes at impossible speeds in the dark.

Yes, worlds change in this world of existence.  But it is good here, and knowledge can bring civilization to new levels of sustainability and from star system to star system.  In a few short years, every major disease will be cured.  We have already seen most cancers cured without surgery or radiation; all by using molecular biology.  World Number Two is how we discover the facts, analyze them, and figure out the meaning of life.

World Number Three

The good of this world is to do something deviant and non-conforming.  Why on Earth would we have such a world of existence, you ask.  I didn’t invent it.  I am only defining it for you.  Humans are not the only sentient beings on the planet that have this ability.  Dogs, cats, horses, dolphins, and whales have this ability to consciously do deviant acts.  Defiance, violence, mayhem, vandalism, larceny, rape, and even murder have their rewards in this world.

I interviewed a criminal psychologist one time at length over a period of months.  He didn’t want to sit down and talk about it for very long at one stretch, so to get the full picture took some time.  I asked him why we incarcerate bad people.  Does it help them?  Does it punish them or make them not want to do their crime again?

The answer was quite awakening to me.  He said we do not incarcerate people to rehabilitate them, although those services are certainly available to them while they’re locked up.  The sole purpose of incarceration is to remove them from society, so that society is kept safe from them.  I asked him why there were so many prisons, and I mentioned that America has more people in jail than any country in the world.

He said that is why our country is so safe.  He explained that in any community, at any economic level in any city, about 98% of the people will behave well.  That is to say, without even having laws, they will not steal, fight, rape, lie or cheat in any way.  With laws, and training in knowledge of the law, much like traffic laws, people will get even better at it.  They don’t do it out of fear of getting caught.  They do it because they see that it promoted order, safety and peace in their community.  They want this, and they see the sense in it, so they live their entire lives without so much as a single infraction on purpose.  One trip a week to traffic court for six months will prove this out.  Although the courtroom is full of offenders every time there is a court held, month after month it is the same people over and over again that approach the bench.

Then, there are the 2% that will not obey the law.  They are not only defiant and nonconformist, they are violent and seek to blame everyone around them for their life condition.  Back in 1965, there was an experiment done with three-year-olds.  Hundreds of them.  They placed a single marshmallow on a plate in front of the child.  They were told to sit and look at it.  Within a minute, the adult would say “I am going out for a while.  If you do not eat the marshmallow, when I return I will give you two marshmallows and you can eat them both at that time.”

Some of the children picked up the marshmallow, smelled it, and placed it back down.  Some of them ate it.  Some of them did not touch it, waited, and got the two marshmallows.  Sounds simple enough, but here is the remarkable thing about this study.  Most of those kids were followed until they reached the age of 50.  In each and every case, the ones who waited, were more successful, stable, and made better life choices.  The ones who ate the marshmallow were failures, struggled from day to day, went through multiple divorces, and almost to a person did not finish higher education.

The good of World Number Three is mischief, but the process is more geared toward instant gratification.  My criminal psych interview told me once that he had a class of criminal that would never be accepted in society.  When they punch someone in the face, and the blood pours from that person’s nose, they get an erection.  How can you rehabilitate a person whose sexual energy is tied to violence?  You cannot.  They are exiled in World Number Three, and will never escape.

Sex is also a large part of this world.  Sexual energy and gratification is the core of this world.  Both sexes participate, but there is a point at which people naturally fall out of this world.  They get old, fat, or make themselves so unattractive, that they can no longer participate.  This has nothing to do with love.  It only has to do with sex.  Although young people are easily fooled into thinking that sex is love.

World Number Four

The good of this world is depression.  I have written many many papers on this subject.  It is well-travelled and explored, let me say that.  The good of this world is self-reflection.  When we enter the canyons of blue, as I call them, there is transition from light to shade.  It’s cooler and darker.  If you go all the way to the bottom of the canyon, it can get quite dark and cold.  There is only one soul on the ground in this world; you.  Self becomes the only thing you are aware of.  You meet and face all your fears in this world.

Whenever we come here, we bring with us a long script we have written.  It is filled with stories and lessons, but most of the time they are locked away in another language.  You didn’t speak English during your last existence, you know.  Not very likely anyway.  As far back as you could possible remember, you have been sentient, because that is the image from which you were made.  When you take the square root of something, you do not end up with something completely dissimilar than that with which you started with.  Oh, yes it was much large, but it was meant to be rooted.  That is to say, one being in the universe doesn’t really exist.  Not relative to anything else, because there is no relativity.  When the square root is taken, you get two mated souls, brothers, sisters, or perhaps one of each that, when multiplied together, make up the original soul.  But, as each soul grows and learns and expands, the product of that reverse process is very much larger.  That’s the point.

What humans have a hard time learning is that failure is the best teacher.  Very little is learned from success, except in golf.  Forgetting that life is a path and not a destination can also make us lose our way in the canyons of blue.  The idea is not to go down into the canyon and then walk along the cold river.  It is to cross the river and climb up the other side and back into the surface world.

Sometimes we have a hard time doing this on our own, or someone makes it harder for us to do it by giving chemicals to our physical body.  When that happens, it is quite possible to lose your soul and lose your physical life.

How does that happen. When there is no one who can harm you in the canyons of blue?  Well, there is one being.  I call him Anterbae.  He is a black flame with yellow eyes, and like all flames he needs fuel to burn.  His fuel is your life force.  He will come, if you stay long enough.  He will convince you to keep him warm, and he will give you nothing in return.  He wants you to give all of your energy to him; all of it.  But when that is done, you are dead.

World Number Four is a journey we all make.  When you climb out the other side, you are very much stronger and better for it.  There is nothing wrong with a scar.  The point is to heal.  Getting back on the horse is much better than walking.  You can always feel a soul who has never made the journey.  They are incomplete mortals.  But like any learning experience, the self-reflection is even more important than the experience itself.  What did you learn?  How near of a miss was it?  Where will you stand next time?  Did you learn the right lesson?  One thing is for sure.  If you learned that you are a loser, you got it wrong.  Chances are you brought an old script with you from before.  Get with a clearing practitioner and close that script.  Stop reflecting that failure, and use the lesson to love better and sew correctly, to get the best fruit.

World Number Four is vital to the completion of any soul.  And, after all, the purpose of life is completion.  That was the commandment in the beginning, and nothing, not any god or a host of gods, can stop you from this.  You see, you were commanded to be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.  It’s kind of a language issue here.  The better word is complete.  Be ye therefore complete, even as your Father in heaven is complete.  Oh, and yes, it can be done.

World Number Five

The good of this world is celestial glory.   Mortals enter and leave this world often throughout their lives.  It is not possible or meant to be possible for mortals to stay here.  It is a place of safety and love.  It would be the end of the human race if we all went here and stayed.  There are many times that mortals step into this world, ambition builds up, and most of the time they forget about it pretty quickly. 

There are days when resonant forces make everything go right.  Your hard practice pays off with a high grade on a test.  Preparation and a compatibility come together and you get married  You are present at the birth of one of your children, or some other great event like this.  These belong in the celestial world.

Most mortals need a regular recharge in this world for short periods of their life.  I suppose it is like going back to heaven to get a hug and then returning to mortality to walk a little further. 

There are certain things that are almost always present in this world.  The rotational frequencies that can sustain this world are fairly well-known.  There are certain musical chords that make this world possible.  Virtually all church hymns are written in these chords and utilize these frequency patterns.  They are cymatic in their ability to create an almost universal euphoria in mortals.  It does not last, because the human form becomes habituated to it.    Mediation music, ambient music, and even certain instruments are creative in this world.

These frequencies may be utilized by  evil men to deceive.  These wonderful chord progressions elicit warm feelings of mercy and charity in people.  I recall walking into church early with preluse msuic being played by a young man.  It was beautful and calming on the organ.  Then, I realized the song he was playing was Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.  This celestial calm is absolutely not what evil men want for mortals.  So, they add distortion, drums, synthesizers and heavy dark sounds to the mix.  They initially attract a good soul with the chords, and they twist the mortal heart up in the darkness of their true design.  With enough exposure to darkness, the soul begins to have an allergic reaction to the creative rotation in the frequencies.  They begin to display self-destructive behavior or mutiliate themselves.

Mortals do require contrast in order to be happy with life.  They also need to know that World Number Five exists to establish hope and a reward for faith.  Some men lead their families to a church and stay there their whole lives.  They like the songs, and the messages that can recharge the soul, making it easier to face a job they hate, for income that does not produce success. 

They overlook the hypocrites and the bad sermons and sometimes even false doctrine, just so they can feel that bliss while sitting in the pew.  They go back to work, swallow their pride and move through the other worlds for spice to their lives, and then they come back to World Number Five for refueling.

Unlike sexual energy, making love is a large part of this world.  When couples come together for a session of physical exchange, it can last for 5-6 hours at a time.  Foreplay, caressing, kissing, or showering together for hours at a time are not in the sexual realm, but rather exist in the celestial realm because this energy is meant to express love between two people.  Yes, I said two people.  When you add another person, it falls back into World Number Three.

The good of this world is that it is a rare respite from mortality.  It is not the point of mortality, and when it is done to excess, it does not work anymore.  Let that sink in.  When you dwell too much in the celestial world in mortality, you lose your sense of feeling.  You must step out of this world, work hard, study, self-reflect, and let off some steam, and then return to enjoy this profound joy.