Souls are older that the universe. Right now, you’re having a mortal experience.  Sometimes, we can forget our eternal nature in this mortal experience.  It’s time to stop repeating the same life errors. It’s time to get your life energy flowing again.   It’s time for Dynamism.

This is the first and only blend of technology and highly trained practitioners that is able to find the root cause inside our souls.  The only thing you have to lose is your habit of losing.

David Womack’s reason for being is to bring joy and happiness to each person he meets. As a Dynamism Clearing Practitioner, Coach and Instructor, David empowers people and makes them more aware of the abundance of their abilities and how to use them ethically to create a more meaningful life.

David listens without evaluation or invalidation, guiding you to look within to find both conscious and unconscious barriers that keep you trapped in unwanted patterns. He also helps you achieve personal sovereignty through Dynamism processes, a staircase to personal freedom. He is highly qualified to do this work, not only through his rich and diverse life experience, but through years of rigorous training under Rev. Suzanne Camper and Enid Vien, the founder of Dynamism.

Our team of expert clearing practioners will be matched to your specific needs during a one-hour conversation with David.  

Through his straightforward approach, David has been able to get people to see beyond their prejudices more than anyone else I have ever known. As my practitioner, that included me, clearing things I was afraid were permanent impediments and patterns, enabling me to develop techniques to assist others more effectively. This allowed me to fulfill my raison d’etre, my reason for being.

Enid Vien

Founder of Dynamism

Master Practitioner