The Global Telescope Network

Planet Earth is at Risk from Collision

The Problem

The Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt are loaded with millions of obejcts that can reach Earth.  Every day, amateur astronomers discover one that is headed our way.  Ocassionally, they hit us, causing great damage.   The Global Telescope Network is the first system capable of providing Earth the advanced warning it needs to protect itself from impacts coming from space.  We are networking thousands of astronomers into a single, dynamic composite image of deep space.  

Can anyone out there provide any of the following?

1.  Grant writers.

2.  Direct officer contacts in the Space Force

3.  Direct officer contacts in NASA or the NSF.

The Solution

Thousands of telescopes with one mission

Our mission is to train and pay a fee to amateur astronomers for submitting high resolution images of assigned coordinates to form a composite data file capable of revealing and tracking objects moving through space. The Global Telescope Network contracts thousands of amateur astronomers to form a telescope fence to make it impossible for Near Earth Objects to appear without warning.

If you can help with this critical funding, contact us immediately with the form below.  Planet Earth may depend on it.

I have contacts in:

11 + 3 =

Become part of the solution


1.  A Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope at least 8″ in diameter

2.  A monochrome CCD of at least 16mp with a minimum of 500 seconds image capability.

3.  Contract to obtain 1 image per week (weather permitting), and submit at least 2 image files per month from your assigned coordinates.

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