Bearth: A true story of Earth.




Then Amazon best-selling  1,100 page Bearth Trilogy is known the world over as the Bearth Journey. Ancient and modern history is masterfully woven into a story that grips the reader’s heart and soul and releases it into a new reality.  Planet Earth is alive.  And it is ready to give birth to a new Earth..




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As the dozens of ancient civilizations recorded, planet Earth is alive. It has a symbiotic relationship with mankind. When man is good, the planet is beautiful and bountiful. When man is evil, the planet has an allergic reaction and wipes out mankind.

Today, there are 7 billion people alive on Earth. Half are good, and half are evil. Planet Earth is about to give birth to a new Earth to allow both frequencies of man their own world. The higher-vibrational world will travel back through the Milky Way Galaxy to its origin, carrying higher-vibrational mankind with it.

But there is an ancient force that intends to stop that from happening.  For the first time in film, the Nephilim are introduced on screen.  The fallen angels are implementing a plan to capture the souls of all mankind in darkness so that they cannot return home.  The epic battle begins as a series of Earth cataclysms begin to rip the planet apart.

42 episodes over three seasons.  The scripts poignantly carry the audience along to a new understanding of life, and a powerful revelation about death.  Winner of four screenwriting contests, Bearth leaves the audience speechless and standing on their feet.

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