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Want to take a mind boggling trip into the possible future of your soul? Then Bearth is the way to do it. Brooks Agnew is nothing short of a genius in his ability to capture your imagination and take you into a deep examination of what is happening to our current situation here on earth. This book is absolutely captivating in its depiction of the characters he creates and the situations he takes them through. Its timeliness is uncanny. What is even more profound is the potential reality of what he’s created here.

Being a lover of old time radio, I requested his personal narration of the book and found my self eagerly trying to make time to listen to the next portion of the book when I had to leave it to do others things. Whether you read it, or listen to it, you are in for an exceptional personal experience as Dr. Agnew leads you into an unforgettable spiritual experience. I can’t wait to see where he takes me next.

Dr. Branton K. Holmberg
Retired professor of psychology, and fellow author.

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Asteroid Mining: The future of energy.

What is a mountain of ice the size of Mount Everest worth?  What about an asteroid made of solid Platinum, Nickel, or Iron?

What if a planetoid were moved into a gravity well in Earth’s solar orbit and converted into a space station?  It is all here.  It is all real.

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“I just finished this and as a lover of both spirituality and science, thought it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Brooks has the ability to weave together storytelling, practical step by step guidance and the science to explain it all. It is difficult to place this book in a genre for these reasons; but, that is part of the charm. The spiritual alignment, integrity and mission driven character of the author is palpable.

I am currently on the third volume of the Bearth Trilogy because I’ve fallen in love with the author’s work. His books make great gifts for intelligent people on the verge of waking up.”  Bonnie Parsons

“I loved Charm of Favor! It was a history lesson, a news review, and a fiction story all wrapped up in a little over 400 pages. It is riveting, exciting, educational, current and best of all, every bit of it is true, brought to us through the lives of fictional characters. If you are watching the news as it plays out on TV, and you’re baffled by what appears to be a circus in US politics, read this book. It explains so much and you will see things through the harsh light of truth.” – Karen Allen

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