Bearth Volume Two

The Grand Division is happening right now.  The human race has long had a symbiotic relationship with the planet itself.  When humans are mostly good, the planet releases it bounty to them freely.  When they are evil, the planet has an allergic reaction.  It rises up with hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis to swat mankind back down to a few tribes.

There are 8 billion people on the Earth right now.  About half are good and half are wicked.  The planet does not know whether to destroy them or bless them, so it begins to divide itself in two.  The good humans divide toward the higher vibrational Earth.  The wicked humans remain with the lower vibrational Earth of rock and metal.

This book will show you what life, death, and the origin of Earth is all about.  The story is a struggle between a deep and ancient evil that is as old as the universe, and the human souls that may be destined for greatness beyond when any person can imagine.

Discover what thousands of readers call the Bearth Journey.  Find out which of these incredible characters is your favorite in what is destined to be an enormously impactful motion picture series.

The full audiobook is free for the asking with the purchase of the book.

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