The Greatest Expedition

100 scientists from top universities will join together to seek evidence of an opening between the Arctic Ocean and an ocean recently discovered that exists on the inside of the crust.  15 days to explore 10 thousand square miles of sea floor. 

Come With Us

Everyone can come with us, because we are streaming the entire voyage live 24 hours a day for the 15 day expedition.  Packages start as little as $5 and go up to $49.  We need thousands of you to sign up, so we can make this expedition possible.  Click This Module.

The Ship

There is only one ship capable of making this voyage to a place that has never been sailed before.  10 thousand square miles of sea floor has never been explored before.  Why not go and see?  Check out this ship by clicking this module.

The Team

Brooks Agnew and Brad Olsen know more about the Inner Earth Expedition than anyone in history.  That’s why they are leading this expedition.  Check out the team and have confidence that we have what it takes to make this happen so the world will know the truth about the Arctic opening into the inner Earth.

The Mission

We set sail in the summer of peace from Murmansk, Russia.  We break ice and brave 10-story seas for 7 days to reach the spot legends say there may be an opening in the sea floor where the inner ocean and our ocean blend.  If we can find it, the scientists may haul in the Nobel Prize for Geology.  Don’t miss a thing.  Go with us.

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