The Hollow Earth Expedition Team

Brooks Agnew

Called to be the Expedition Leadership in 2007, Brooks is a master planner and visionary who has created the Greatest Expedition in history to discover the Arctic possiblity of an opening in the sea floor that may lead to an inner sea.  He has assembled the largest database of scientific and esoteric knowledge about the Hollow Earth ever.  He is a multi-patented master  engineering consultant to the Fortune 500 for more than 25 years.  He is currently the CEO of an electric truck manufacturer in North Carolina.

Brad Olsen

Exploring every continent on planet Earth, Brad is a modern day Marco Polo.  He is the award winning author of 11 books on esoteric study of the human record.  He is a veteran pioneer of Antarctica and brings incredible skills and knowledge to the team.  There are very few people in history who have braved Tierra Del Feugo by sailing ship and vetted the myths of the South Pole.

Doc Skinner

Doc is a 40-year veteran film maker with the heart of gold and the courage to bring the world along via live streaming from the deck of the Arktica.  He is an award-winning screenwriter and producer of film and documentary.  The search for this rare combination of imagination and spiritual tuning lasted for many years until he joined our team.  It is because of him that the world will never forget this expedition.

Teresa Reesing

Nothing goes to sea and back again without an expert in charge of logistics.  Teresa is a 30-year veteran shipper.  Her roots go back many generations in shipping across the oceans of the world from Scotland.  She has the heart of an sea-farer and the attention to detail to make sure nothing and no one is left behind.  The best scientists and the most sensitive instruments will all make it through 100-foot seas, solid ice, and perhaps a multi-dimensional gateway to the edge of the Land with no horizon and back again, safe and sound.

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