The Arctic Mission


100 scientists from all over the world will meet in Murmansk, Russia to board the Arktica class nuclear powered icebreaker.  Their instruments and training will be the tools that this bring this team past the edge of the known world to a piece of ocean never seen before by anyone.  Together they will gather information from the air, the sea, the sea floor, and the magnetic heartbeat of Earth itself to prove or disprove once and for all whether the planet is hollow or not.  We are not afraid.  We have each been called to this mission.  More than 40 million enthusiasts will join them every step, every wave, every mile of ice to make this discovery together, as one.

The Challenge

100-foot swells begin in the North Sea.  We travel to the Arctic Sea to a 10,000 square area the legends say is located an opening through which the inner and surface oceans blend.  We endeavor to find it, and to being you with us.  It has been flown over many times, but never revealed because of almost continuous cloud cover.  Some say it is a cosmic gateway that protects the inner world.  Some say it is not meant for mankind to discover.  Still others say there exists a sanctuary for ancient races that once roamed the Earth before the age of cataclysms.  One day soon, we may be reunited with them.  This is the time.  This is the place.  We are the ones.

The Reward

What if the Earth is hollow?  What if there is an inner world, safely inside our planet and shielded from the ravages of the Sun and surface cataclysms?  We may discover this opening, however small.  And, if there is intelligent life there, perhaps they will come out to meet our ship.  If they do, the entire world will be there to see it, live on our cameras.  You can be part of it.  Don’t pass up this amazing adventure.

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