Bearth Volume One

Two Earths, one race for time begins with a cataclysm that rocks the Gulf of Mexico.  President Riker is plunged into a race to save humanity, but there is something wrong.  The entire planet is coming apart  Take the white knuckle ride with his amazing and unlikely team of heroes as they realize the distance from birth, to life, to death and back is much shorter than anyone believes.

This story takes the reader on one high-speed chase after another in a phenomenal big-screen science fiction rendition of the rapture.  It’s nothing like what you expect, and it very well could be true.

Millions of people have heard this story told by the author on the radio, and many thousands have taken what they now call The Bearth Journey.  The full audiobook is free for the asking when you purchase the book.

Take the Bearth journey. Never come back.

“I just finished this and as a lover of both spirituality and science, thought it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Brooks has the ability to weave together storytelling, practical step by step guidance and the science to explain it all. It is difficult to place this book in a genre for these reasons; but, that is part of the charm. The spiritual alignment, integrity and mission driven character of the author is palpable.

I am currently on the third volume of the Bearth Trilogy because I’ve fallen in love with the author’s work. His books make great gifts for intelligent people on the verge of waking up.” Bonnie Parsons