Charm of Favor

This is the true crime story of the rise of the Global Syndicate.  Based on actual events, this book will open your eyes to the ruthless rite of passage into an almost supernatural wickedness that has captured the leadership of the world.

President Donald Trump is an outsider doing battle with an ancient criminal gang bound to an unspeakable evil that makes its leaders immune to the law through a Charm of Favor.  Written 6 years before “Q” ever appeared, this story is prophetic and poignant, and it affects every person in the world today.  

The Rousseau family, led by the youngest daughter, who has changed her name to Jack, leads you through the story.  This war is real and the entire human race is at stake.

Read the true story and become part of the movie that is rolling right now all around you.  Then, tell a friend.  The full audiobook is free for the asking, when you purchase the book.

“Hi Brooks, I bought ” Charm by Favor ” yesterday and finished it at midnight last night. Wow oh Wow is all I can say. This was written a couple of years ago yet Nashville appeared a couple of months ago as the scene for a major EXPLOSION in real life. Incredible, and I recommend everyone buy/ read this nail biting novel. I even teared up at points.”

–Bill in Florida

“I loved Charm of Favor! It was a history lesson, a news review, and a fiction story all wrapped up in a little over 400 pages. It is riveting, exciting, educational, current and best of all, every bit of it is true, brought to us through the lives of fictional characters. If you are watching the news as it plays out on TV, and you’re baffled by what appears to be a circus in US politics, read this book. It explains so much and you will see things through the harsh light of truth.” – Karen Allen

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