Alienated Nation

The Founding Fathers had just escaped and fought the most powerful nation the world had ever known.  They formed a new Republican government to serve the people, not rule over it.  But they also knew that someday the central government would turn against its own people.

Knowing what a ruling class would do to the people, they placed a clause in the Constitution in the final days of the 1787 Convention called Article V.  It is called a Convention of States.

This book is about how American States can legally and peacefully reign in the power of an out of government gone out of control.  Learn about the amendments, the process, and the Convention of States that can save the wortld from the oligarchy America has become.

The following are areas of amendment that hundreds of millions of Americans agree in opposition to the ruling elite who rule over us:

  • Term limits for Congress
  • Balanced budget
  • Commerce Clause to limit Federal agencies
  • Income Tax

Read the book.  Join the Cause at

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