Bearth Volume Three

The Gathering (L’Olam) is the grand finale of the magnificent Bearth Journey.  President Riker’s team is hiding under Raven Rock Mountain in a military facility known as Site R.  Built in 1946 by Eisenhower, it is a small city under a solid granite mountain designed to protect national leadership during a nuclear blast.  Can it endure the other-worldly weapons General Morlay and the Nephilim leader of the the lower Earth unleash against the humans of the higher Earth?

The end times story is true.  The higher Earth is now free and begins its ancient path through the dark rift in the Milky Way to a new home.  The origin and destiny of the Earth are shown to you in epic scale, as your heart travels with President Riker and his team of ordinary people who discover something amazing about themselves, and the mighty human soul.

This is an all-5-star book destined to be a motion picture series.  Millions of people have heard the author tell the story on radio.  Now, it’s your turn to take the Bearth Journey, and never come back.

The audiobook is free for the asking when you purchase the book.