Remembering the Future

Remembering the Future explains the nature of time and the human soul.  We are eternal beings who are created two-by-two, through a square root function from Source, itself.  We are each an individual soul address, and we add to our stature and completeness with each mortalilty.

The fact that we are the only beings on this planet who can access time is amazing enough.  The truth is that we affect it when we visit.  This book teaches you how to affect it on purpose.  Learn how to use resonance to manifest a future gift for yourself.  Be what you dream to be.  Do what you dream to do.  Life is a path, not a destination.

The author takes you through his own past life experience, far from this world while living a life in another form.  He teaches of the power of your own energy and controlling it to make the universe deliver you its bounty.

Millions of people have heard this story from the author himself and have already begun crafting a new future, right here in the present by using their memories from that future.  Don’t waste another moment wandering aimlessly through life, a pawn of other people’s wishes for you.

Take control of your own life, right now.  Read the book, listen to the bonus audiobook, or attend the author’s monthly webinars about how to use these eternal tools.

The present is much more easily negotiated when  viewed from the future.

Remembering the Future Audio Book