Six Sigma

For 25 years, I have conducted Six Sigma improvements for the Fortune 500.  I have published more than 10 thousand quality documents and either saved or created more than 10 thousand American jobs with the quality solutions I engineered.  I specialize in high-speed manufacturing environments.

Lean Manufacturing

I have been exposed to dozens of the best manufacturing processes in the world.  Robots, quality checking systems, personnel training, and FIFO systems all designed to reduce cost and improve productivity.  There are very few engineers in the world who have seen as many materials, methods, and machines.

Value Stream Mapping

Almost every single plant I have reviewed was assembled ad hoc.  They grew, piece by piece and added the next one where there was a space until the building was full, and they were running circles around themselves.  Even the most well planned buildings missed things, because the designers did not have the experience and the vision to see the map of value through their facility.  I can find the optimum flow for the maximum profit and best quality scorecard for your customers.