Bearth Trilogy Audiobook


The entire Bearth Trilogy as read by the author.


In this final volume of the Bearth Trilogy, billions of humans realize that they are eternal beings have a mortal experience. 

The rarity of planet Earth is made even more geocentric in the universe as it goes through its Bearth, and if it were possible, even more amazingly special with the presence of 7 billion souls alive on the surface at the same time.  It is so powerful and so rare, that this event has attracted the attention of every sentient race in the universe.  What goes on here on Earth right now has effects on the entire universe.  Humans are like midwives attending this process, helping to deliver the new child-planet into space.  The humans that can bring their frequency in synch with the Telestial Earth will go with that Earth into space and to a new home.   The ones who choose darkness, evil, lust, fame, and mayhem are prophesied to remain alive to live out their eternity on a gray and nearly lifeless world left behind like a corpse in a twilight desert. 

President Riker celebrates the liberation of women all over the world.  The Senate and Congress have been sent home for an extended adjournment to be with their families as the Earth makes its final transition through the birthing process.  Cataclysms are ripping at the bodies of both planets, as a woman in travail, while the average consciousness is shifting in a serious way.  Countless worlds full of sentient beings, capable of observing what is taking place on Earth, rejoice as billions of living humans prepare to go through the cosmic birth canal with their new world to a new place in space. 

But Lucifer has not lost every battle in the universe.  He does not plan to lose this one.  Countless other worlds of darkness and jealous rage are watching to see if the firstborn race of Eve is finally robbed of its inheritance.  The generals of his armies and the humans who serve in them don’t surrender so easily.  The training it takes to humanize the enemy is not so easily reversed, once the blood on the battlefield dries and blows away. 

Get ready to learn how powerful and ageless beings fight a war.  Mortal souls on both Earths, as well as the ancient beings who have been manipulating mankind since the Garden of Eden, are about to battle across oceans of water and oceans of space until the last possible moment.  Once the higher Earth passes through the birth canal of the Milky Way Galaxy, it will travel far away from this solar system.  Perhaps it will return to the watery deep from which it was born so long ago.  Perhaps it will journey to a new orbit around a new Sun; a place of such great glory that this volume cannot describe.  But then again, maybe you will change just enough by reading this book to believe in yourself.

Upon these words hang all the prophets and all the commandments.  Love yourself.  Then, love your neighbor as yourself.  And, by doing these two things, you shall love your Father with all your heart and might.


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