Charm of Favor


Charm of Favor as read by the author.


For nearly 5,000 years, the world had been ruled from wooden ships by one man.  241 years ago, the Founding Fathers declared a new course for the human race. Freedom and Liberty were unalienable rights given by God, not government.  Through these rights, the People would control a revolutionary new type of government declared in 1776. 

Unsuccessful in war against the Americans, less than 75 years later, the Globalist Elites formed a new Syndicated Party that would remove the power of Congress, and began legislating from secret think tanks.  Again, and again they tried to destroy America, even going so far as to assassinate its Presidents.

In 1929, they collapsed the money supply, evaporated the Middle Class, and established the Agency Government.  Almost immediately, that untouchable government began ruling the country.  In 2001, they changed the world forever.  By 2016, the Clinton Crime Syndicate had become a global consortium of bribery, influence peddling, murder, and subterfuge planning to seize the Presidency itself.  But things did not go as planned.

For 30 years, Donald Trump refined and polished his plan to make America great again.  His upset victory in 2016 came at the hands of tens of millions of awakened Americans who had nearly lost hope.  Now, the Syndicate is planning another catastrophic attack to win back their power and subdue the most powerful nation in history.  This book is based on a true story of that struggle against those who seek  global domination. The events are portrayed as accurately as possible.  Travel with my fictional characters on a journey through truth that you will never forget.

None of the names have been changed, in memory of the actual men and women who lost their lives fighting the most powerful and corrupt crime syndicate the world has ever known.  


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