Remembering the Future Audiobook


This is Remembering the Future, as read by the author.

Remembering the Future picks up where The Secret tragically left off.  It is the author’s fourth book in a very successful self-published series Foreword Magazine called the most comprehensive work ever written on the subject of the 2012 end times.  The reader is addressed in second person, and deeply empowered throughout the book with leading edge physics, mathematical concepts, spiritual realism, and the authority to apply intention using a revolutionary formula.  It begins with self and then implodes to the past of the universe before exploding into the future through the physics of the soul and time travel.  The reader learns that the future has already happened.  In fact, the future is a product of their own observations as the potential of all potentialities. 

The reader discovers that the Big Bang never happened, but rather is still the singularity from which we think it sprang forth.  It is we, the sentients of the universe, who have sped time back up from the zero of infinite mass and allowed our selves to savor the moments, one by one.  Like dogs ignoring morsels of flavor in a meal, the human race is gulping past the most important parts of their lives.  Tens of thousands of readers and hundreds of thousands of listeners to the author’s lectures around the world will testify that the discovery of the value and wonder of mortality, for a god, is the most amazing gift in the universe.  The reader learns that everything they do will eventually affect the universe.  They are encouraged to do it on purpose.

This non-fiction book was written in the year 2015 and brought back to the year 2010 to help turn the human race away from the future that was already realized.  It does not tell the future, but does admonish  the reader to understand that they are actually in control of their own life condition.  There is no such thing as destiny; not a single one anyway.  Instead, it is clearly explained from three different angles that humans are 100% in charge of their life condition, and that it can be shaped to whatever we have the power to dream.

The reader will change when he is finished.  He will go back to this book a dozen times in his lifetime to review it.  He will give it to friends and cry tears of joy every time he or she falls in love.  He will be kinder, more merciful, and maybe he can finally give birth to peace out of love, instead of fear, on this planet.

Remembering the Future is the culmination of scores of lectures by the author.  It is an original work, providing credit where it is due.  It is largely hand illustrated by the author, who shares his deepest and most poignant memories and lessons to assure the reader that his unfamiliarity with this world is understandable.  After all, the reader may not be from here either.  The book is timely, as the year 2012 approaches.  It is also timeless, because it is one of the few books out there that exposes the future to the effects of human observation, and that there is hope in their own power to create.

Mortal life is the greatest experience in the universe.  Savor every moment one at a time.  Everything we do will eventually affect the universe.  Learn how to do it on purpose.


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