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Magical Crystal Bell Rock in Sedona

Remembering the Future

A stunning 90-minute presentation based on the best-selling book Remembering the Future: The physics of the soul and time travel. It features the science of the human soul and the ability to access and manipulate the past and the future for your best life condition. Turn on the bounty of the universe for yourself by learning the science behind the Law of Attraction.  The audio version is FREE with the purchase of the paperback, Kindle, or Nook versions (downloadable link)

  • Human-Earth Symbiosis
  • Resonance Theory for human energy insertion
  • Overcoming the 5G environment
  • Cymatics with light and Sound
  • The Five Forces of the Universe, including consciousness
  • Using the Observation Effect to change the past
  • The science of proper dreaming for future manifestation
  • How to stop the habit of failure and write a new script

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The Origin and Destiny of Earth

A mind-blowing 90-minute presentation about where the Earth came from, and where it may be going. 44 ancient civilizations recorded how Planet Earth was formed. They also spent huge portions of their manpower building cities, buildings, and indestructible records on when planet Earth would give birth to a new Earth. Based on the best-selling Trilogy Bearth: A true story of Earth. The audio versions are FREE with the purchase of the paperback, Kindle, or Nook versions.

Includes the following scientific information:

  • The Science to support the Hollow Earth Hypothesis
  • The Human – Earth Connection
  • The unique and heavenly Earth
  • The true age of planet Earth
  • The origin of the Auroras
  • The Electric Universe
  • Temporal and Spirit energy in the Living Earth
  • The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition

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