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“Are you over 40 with no wealth to manage? You need a pathfinder. Let me come to you.”

The best $47 you will ever spend on yourself.

The first 40 years, you did what you had to.  

The second 40 years, do what you dream. 

You have a second chance to learn from one of the most highly accomplished SixSigma Master Black Belts in history. He has made billions for the Fortune 500. Don’t pass up this opportunity.

Stop planting seeds. It’s time to harvest. If I can do it, you can do it. It is NOT too late. This is exactly the right time to launch your new empire.

Magical Crystal Bell Rock in Sedona

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Based on the best-seller “Remembering the Future”

Here is what you will receive:

A stunning 90-minute presentation based on the best-selling book Remembering the Future: The physics of the soul and time travel features the science of the human soul and the ability to access and manipulate the past and the future for your best life condition. Turn on the bounty of the universe for yourself by learning the science behind the Law of Attraction.  The audio version is FREE with the purchase of the paperback, Kindle, or Nook versions (downloadable link)

  • Learn how your body is the best scientific instrument on earth
  • Learn Pathfinding from the future for the bounty of the universe
  • How does your energy affect the Universe?
  • Discover your reason for being here
  • Rev up your ability to listen to the effect you have on the universe
  • Can you overcome the False Matrix environment?
  • What are the Five Forces of the Universe, including consciousness?
  • How can you accurately place your dream code in the future?
  • Can your past failure codes be rewritten for success?

5 1/2 hours of pure energy!

A $297 Value

  • The Law of Attraction off the chain
  • 2 autographed copies of Remembering the Future: The physics of the soul and time travel.
  • 90-minute live full media star power lecture
  • 60-minute meditation, higher purpose, and time travel workshop
  • 60 minutes of Small Group Pathfinder Coaching
  • One-on-one “Ask me anything” coaching (15 minutes each) [limit 8 people]
  • 100% Refunds possible up to 30 days before the event
  • Many “Never too late,” upgrade features

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