The Ark of Millions of Years Vol 1 Audiobook


The Ark of Millions of Years Volume 1 as read by the author.

  • The planet earth did not entirely originate in this solar system.  Plain and simple.  The earth is both 4.5 billion years old and 7 thousand years old.  Drawing first from every major ancient text created or translated by man, the authors have managed for the first time to correlate observations and revelations on the creation into a clear point of view.  In addition, they have used the most leading edge physics—some of it still in the form of abstracts with gravitational wave measurement—to explain the tools used by the Creator to move the earth from its original location to its present spot in space.  There’s more.  The earth was moved here in two phases.  The first phase is a physical or temporal earth, upon which many races of man have lived and perished.  The second phase was a spiritual form, upon which existed another race of man, that merged with the temporal during the flood of Noah hence the two ages of earth. 
  • Two ancient gene pools interbred and resulted in the present form of man on the earth. There were really giants in all the lands.  Some races exhibit the traits of one ancestral line more than others.  This much has been proven to be genetically irrefutable. One thing is clear.  Modern man did not descend from apes, Neanderthal Man, or from fish, or from any missing link.  The book carefully and clearly lays a firm foundation for common origins of the greatest civilizations in known history.  It also shows the influence of off-world races that mingled with, bred with, and consumed many of civilization’s leading settlements.  The Nephilim and the Elder Gods and the records of their dealings with mankind are defined and deciphered for the Christian and the scientist.
  • At last evolution and creationism can break bread together over a landmark publication.  Virtually every serious book written on the creation, catastrophism, and the advent of modern man will include this book in its bibliography.  Not since Cataclysm (Allan & Delair; Bear Publishers Ó 1985) has there been a more comprehensive documentary on the creation and relocation of the earth.  The past, present, and future phases of the life of the earth are described in total detail.  The physicist, rabbi, and cleric will all finally agree that the prophecy heralded by the Grand Sextile formation on November of 2003—complete with lunar eclipse—that the missing pieces explaining the creation would be restored to their proper frame, has been fulfilled.
  • The book has portions of theoretical physics that will fascinate the reader.  They may even ignite the torches of Nobel.  It also has excellent religious documentation from the Zohar, Kabbala, Qu’ran, Bible, Popul Vu, and dozens of other rare sources, including exclusive archeological findings that will inspire the scholar and the Rabbi. 


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