The Ark of Millions of Years Vol 2 Audiobook


The Ark of Millions of Years Volume 2 as read by the author.


Much of what has been written in this book was once common knowledge among the ancients.  Down through the Ages wise sages, prophets, kings and magi ensured that the common people knew it and retained it by use of symbolism.  Tragically, when the Gregorian calendar replaced many of the ancient calendars, much ancient knowledge was lost concerning the End Times.  Even as late as the 15th century, Michael Nostradamus predicted “the dead to rise from their graves sometime near to the year 2007.”  As much as we hate to admit it, the ancient world was wiser than we are today.  What good is all the modern worlds’ technology if we miss the mark concerning 2012?

We hope that our readers have enjoyed reading this book as much as your authors have enjoyed writing it.  For us, every chapter was an adventure in re-discovering what was lost.  Our mission was to restore to the world the ancient knowledge of the union of the polarity and to warn the world of the End Time date of 2012.  Our mission is now accomplished.  Will there be a volume three?  Much depends on your comments whether or not to pursue it.  We want to thank our readers for purchasing our book series.  Please go to the books web site, listed on front cover, and email us your comments as we value your input.


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